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Earth-that-was is no more… in fact, the whole Sol System is practically uninhabitable now. In the Earth year 4302, the humans from Earth—known throughout the Galaxy as Terrans—tried to harness the power of their sun in way never meant to be attempted, and it caused the star known as Sol to experience a strange supernova. Unlike a normal supernova that would have completely obliterated the entire system, the negative energy released by the sun’s ‘explosion’ swept through the system and turned all life on all of the planets and colonies into the Undead. Now, the system is considered quarantined by the Derutei Imperium—any vessels found violating this quarantine are mercilessly destroyed (not that the Imperium really show mercy anyhow).

The year is now 3346 AD (After Desecration), and the Galaxy is still a dangerous and untamed place.


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